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Dermaplaning Facial

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  • You can also call to book on Tel: 0208 460 9342

    Book through KANEYA Aesthetics and Beauty by calling 0208 460 9342 for consultation and treatment
    45 mins
    Painless & safe treatment by our Injectors trained aesthetics specialist.
    Using a sterile scalpel & pharmaceutical grade skincare to remove the outer layer of dead skin & vellum hair (facial peach fuzz) - this leaves skin glowing with minimized pores & a brighter, more even appearance.

    You'll find your foundation glides on smoothly for an airbrushed makeup look & skincare products penetrate much deeper. Acne scarring starts to fade & the skin tone becomes much more even. It's also clinically proven to achieve a reduction in wrinkles over time as the process stimulates the skin's collagen production.

    Each treatment includes a full double facial cleanse and tone & is finished with a calming organic balm & a regenerating face mask to protect & improve skin elasticity.

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