Our Story

Our Story

Honest, Green, Beautiful Plant-Powered Skincare

When it comes to beauty, we’ve always had one underlying philosophy : To make premier-grade beauty cosmetics for the discerning average person who cares about themselves and aims for a quality lifestyle. We believe everyone is beautiful - inside and out. We reach out in our little way with trusted friendship bringing light to your life with our trusted formulations and products.

We are a family run business and we have modernised age old family recipes and fused these with modern tried and tested technologies to create the most innovative, forward-thinking products in a powerful,, plant-infused vegan base that honours your skin’s wellbeing. 

Our products are formulated with botanically healthy ingredients that not only allow you to look and feel good, but that hopefully also inspire you to live well. We aim to formulate each and every product with a healthy dose of highly concentrated ingredients for richer, truer colours, as well as plant-powered vitamins and superfruit extracts to help restore and hydrate your skin. 

We believe that being honest, clean and allowing Kaneya to bring light into your life is empowering and that botanical Infusions can be sexy and glamorous! We hope that you enjoy your products as much as we have loved making them for you.