Count Down To A Joyful and Stress free Christmas

December 09, 2018 3 min read


How do you get through Christmas? Does your stress level increase and you feel you must grin and bear it; often feeling like this is an inevitable, unavoidable part of the festive season. A time to just batten down the hatches and count each dreary day until the end. But it does not have to be like that!

25 ways to deal with Christmas stress

We have put together an advent calendar of tips for Xmas festive de-stress. Here are some simple ways to help you get through Christmas with a cheerful heart from start to finish. Throughout December we will be adding a new tip each day that can make for a more joyful and less stressful festive season.


Day 1: Agree a Budget.

Agree a budget with your family and loved ones and stick to this. It may seem obvious. But getting carried away is easy to do in the spirit of giving.

Day 2 : Plan Ahead

Christmas is coming, whatever happens. Most often we take on too much at once. Even as a veteran multitasker, this can make us frenzied. . In the midst of busy modern life it might feel like too much to think about. Planning out what you need to do, what gifts to buy and making todo lists and sorting out who is hosting Christmas Day, can make things a whole less stressful. And each time you get to that semi enjoyable task  do not forget to focus all your attention on this... be it stringing popcorn on the tree or taking a bath bomb bath, Enjoy what it feels, smells, sounds like. Use all your senses. You will be mentally recharging yourself. You are getting task done and enjoying the experience too. 

Serenity. "It's like meditation in motion."

 Day 3: Do a little bit at a time

Day 4: Focus on the Vision

Before you start one think for a moment about what you will realistically be able to achieve in the time you have available. Separate out the ‘must dos’ and the ‘would be nice to dos’. You’ll quickly see that your list is much shorter, meaning you have time and more enthusiasm for the nice to dos. Think about the three holiday traditions you love most, like lighting the Chanukah menorah or singing Christmas carols with your kids. Pencil those things in your calendar, and let go of the rest. You will get more stressed if you do not take time out to do what you love to do,

Day 5: Perfect Christmas or Joyous Christmas?

Sometimes we set up such high expectations for ourselves and our families. We plain in our heads how everything is going to be perfect, often in the end taking on too much, then feel anxious and stressed when the reality does not measure the flawless fantasy in our heads. The odds for perfect for any family is negligible. Set realistic expectations.

Day 6: Give Santa some help

Drop hints about what you want and like and encourage friends and family to do the same. Find your inner child and get into the spirit of Christmas with your own letter to Santa. This releases tensions about getting the right gifts.

Day 7: Remember what Christmas is about

Christmas is about spending time with friends and family.


Day 8: Enjoy the Buildup to Christmas

We focus so much on Christmas Day itself. Enjoy moments before the actual day.  Take a walk and enjoy the frosty air. This gives you a time out from the Christmas stress. Enjoy all that nature has to offer as you stride along. Collect some sustainable ornaments. The list is endless. You could find pine cones, fallen branches and dried leaves and whatever you find beautiful. Remember if you take some thing with roots, you must get permission. It may be better not to take that ornament in that case.

Day 9: Enjoy the Simple Things

Make a holiday playlist, a hot cup of cocoa or tea and chill out for a while. Take a break. Nothing makes you feel merry and bright faster than seasonal songs, from "Winter Wonderland" to "Silent Night," and with good reason: Research shows that listening to music can crank down stress hormones, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and kick your anxiety to the curb. Play music in the background as you wrap your presents. You will definitely feel recharged.


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