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Coronavirus: What We Are Doing About It

April 27, 2020 2 min read

Hello Beauty,


Your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to us.

Amid all the chaos and panic, we at Kaneya wanted to personally tell you that we have taken all the necessary measures and our services will remain available. As a company that provides beauty services at close quarters and manufacture products, we believe it is our duty to step up and provide all the information you need to know when needed.


Here are some of the measures we have taken to ensure your safety.


All Kaneya Therapists and professionals who will remain active have not traveled outside of the UK  in the past 2 months.


In addition, all staff will strictly follow these practices on  a daily basis:


 Wash hands with soap more frequently. Carry and regularly use alcohol-based hand rub. Regularly sanitize their mobile phones. We do this as standard but all used cleaning materials will be sealed and disposed of. 


All professionals will check their body temperature before starting their workday and will be restricted from working in case they have respiratory symptoms.


Despite good manners, we have instructed all therapists to refuse handshakes. You will be offered hand sanitizers and/or asked to wash your hands. This is to ensure your safety too.

We disinfect all surfaces such as door handles regularly and wash hands several times a day and each time we have contact with clients.


Poor indoor air quality is a predisposing factor for respiratory infections and virus spread. We should all pay special attention to ensure healthful indoor air quality.


Actions for improving indoor air quality:


 We wipe off the dust on a regular basis; In order to minimize dust we will focus on dusting all surfaces during all client     sessions;


You can get your soap and sanitizing products in-store or online!


This is very much a pre-emptive step, intended to reduce the likelihood of a more widespread outbreak of the virus within our community. It’s a small but important way of contributing positively to the situation and keeping our team and neighbours as safe and healthy as possible.

On behalf of everyone at Kaneya, we hope that everyone in your life stays safe and healthy and that we'll all be back to our usual day-to-day soon. 

Thank you 



Kaneya Team


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